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Amazon’s Kindle Dominates the E-Reader Market

Amazon has been celebrating its success with the Kindle e-reader this month, and it looks as if the success is going to continue leading up to Christmas.

While most stock-market watchers were thinking that a heated battle in the e-reader market was going to begin, Amazon has already come out on top.

Both Sony and Barnes & Noble, in competition with Amazon, have experienced problems due to early success. The two companies quickly sold out of inventory after introducing their product into the market, and will not be able to ship out new orders until next year.  

Amazon, on the other hand, has managed to keep supply and demand in check and will be able to complete any order made leading up to Christmas. Not being able to deliver their e-books in time for Christmas has put both Sony and Barnes & Nobles majorly behind in the race for sales.  

Amazon’s success in the shopping season is only a signal of the good things to come in this brand new category of sales.

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