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Rooftop Solar System Contract Rewarded to Small-Cap ARISE Corp.

ARISE technologies Corporation (APV), based out of Waterloo, Ontario, have been rewarded with a contract to supply a 150-kiloWatt photovoltaic rooftop solar system to the Waterloo Region. This venture will not only include the town of Waterloo, but many neighbouring districts as well.

The system is going to be installed on the Regional Operations Centre located near Waterloo in Cambridge. The Arise system is expected to be installed and operational this summer.

ARISE has a mission to become the leader in high-performance, cost-effective solar technology. The company first opened a manufacturing plant in 2008 in Germany and has aimed to develop exclusive technology that aims to achieve a gradual progression to a high-efficiency level of greater than 20%.

One divisions of ARISE is The PV Silicon Division, which produces silicon at a high-purity level for PV cell applications. A second division, the PV Systems Division, provides complete fully-equipped PV solutions for solar farms and rooftop installations.

ARISE has reported preliminary fourth-quarter revenues for 2009 at nearly $11.3 million and total revenues for the year ending at December 31, 2009 are estimated to be around $31.7 million. This total is just slightly less than December 31, 2008’s total of $35.7 million. However, the recession has to be considered when comparing the two numbers.

APV stocks have been staying in the 28-30 cent range. The stock experienced a low of 18.5 cents last March, before climbing to 66 cents in April. However, while the price is still very reasonable, investors may do well by looking into this company’s technology as soon as possible.

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