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RGTX develops Smartphone App, stock goes up 1230%

Registered Express (RGTX) has demonstrated to be a great investment recently as stock holders started to receive huge earnings. This penny stock has climbed almost 1230% since a recorded low of .12 seen on October 23.

The latest RGTX press release is going to make people happy, especially those invested in RGTX longs.

It was announced that the company is in development stages of a Smartphone app that would deliver the Registered Express electronic delivery platform to phone users with IPhone and Android (Google).

RGTX is estimating that the app will target 173.6 million potential customers, a HUGE increase.

The news release revealed that “projected sales for Smartphone are estimated at 176.0 million units in 2009 and 223 million units in 2010. Registered Express’ Smartphone Applications will genuinely enhance the mobile experience for verified delivery of valued content. With Registered Express™ a Smartphone (iPhone / Android) user can access and delivery digital content (Documents and Files) with no file size restriction through the RegEx™ system, regardless of their provider’s limitations. Registered Express(TM) services put account holders in control.”

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