Coca Cola aims to be Brown Gold

The Coca-Cola Company (KO.M) recently revealed its plans for the future that include doubling revenue generated by the company and bottlers to around $200 billion by 2020 allowing for profit margins to increase.

Coke also hopes to double the amount of soft drink servings to over 3 billion per day by the end of 2020.

These targets were discussed by the world’s largest soft drink maker in a two-day meeting of investors in Atlanta, one of the first hometown meetings in over a decade.

CEO Muhtar Kent revealed that there have been numerous worldwide trends that have supported Coke’s growth in the medium to long term. This includes a shift of economic power in developing countries and a growing urbanization.

Coke generates more than three-quarters of revenue from international markets, which acts as an offset to the falling sales in the United States. Strong markets have emerged in India, China and Brazil and Coke plans to boost investment in Brazil.

In the United States, sales of carbonated soft drinks have been falling even before the recession began curbing consumer spending. Many consumers have become more interested in nutrition and are choosing bottled water, juice and tea over Coke products.

Nonetheless, Coke repeats its target for a long-term growth at an annual increase of 3-4%, increasing revenue of 5-6% and earnings per share increasing at a high single-digit percent rate.

“The long term growth rates are appropriate (moving into 2010), but we’re not content with them,” said Chief Financial Officer Gary Fayard. “The fundamentals of our business remain strong as we continue to gain market share globally and in key markets, expand our margins, and generate tremendous cash flows.”

In October, revenue for Coke had a lower than expected third-quarter revenue because of the strong U.S. dollar and the poor economy.

Coke shares closed at a 0.5% higher rate at $56.74 on Monday, November 16th.

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