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Pennystock List 101: Where Can I find A Free Pennystock List

pennystock listPenny stocks are notorious for being extremely risky while also offering a great potential for earnings. If you are interested in investing in penny stocks, finding a free pennystock list is a good idea. Because penny stocks are generally from companies just starting out, they can be more difficult to research. So where can you find a free pennystock list?

The answer to that question can vary. You can first try visiting your brokerage and requesting one, but most brokerages do not trade penny stocks, so there is a good chance they won’t have a pennystock list. If you are able to get a list from your brokerage, you will most likely have to pay for the list, unless you have been using the brokerage on a regular basis for many years.

A more popular option for obtaining a free pennystock list is to do so online. Often these lists are not going to be free, but many online penny stock sites provide partial lists at no cost. Some sites that offer great information about penny stocks include:

The Penny Report

There are numerous other penny stock sites that offer a free pennystock list, so it may take some research to find a good one. In any case, these sites will be able to direct you to the basic information that you need. Paying for a pennystock list may provide you with advice, research or tips.

A final tip for finding a pennystock list: penny stocks are traded OTCBB, so if you are able to find a site that provides free OTCBB content you will be on the right track. Study NASDAQ stocks to find promising penny stocks and soon you may start earning large amounts of money.

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