No Need to Find Penny Stocks for Big Gains

Many people scour the internet looking for the big gains that can only come from hard to find penny stocks. However, sometimes investors can enjoy huge gains from unlikely bigger companies.

Take for example, Ford Motor Company (FORD), not a company that comes to mind when thinking about the gains that come from penny stocks. However, this stock is on a continuous upward trend while staying at a lower trade rate than other large companies (FORD is currently trading at US$2.16).

Due to the recession, most financial advisers and stock investors were wary of buying into any stocks in the auto industry. This made sense as GM was heading towards bankruptcy and most automobile stocks were falling due to the harsh economy.

Ford, on the other hand, has remained stable as share price has weakened mainly because it’s been dragged down by the entire automobile industry as a whole.

While GM was declaring bankruptcy, Ford shares rose from $1.87 up to $12.14 in less than one year. Once the recession ends, and it will for sure, many expect Ford to emerge from the lower end of the investment stock pile. Ford will likely continue to grow after a recent announcement stating that it will invest $450 million in a new electric vehicle program in southeast Michigan.

Although people generally expect that only penny stocks can achieve 500% gains, there are always exceptions and Ford is a great example of a large company that can deliver big upside. For more of the latest investing information and penny stock tips, visit www.investorsedge.com

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