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About the Stock Market: Stock Market Timeline

The stock market and the stock market timeline were first started in the year 1602. Since then, the stock market timeline has been full of ups and downs varying with the economic climate. Investors can learn from the stock market and when to invest in certain stocks based on the past trends in the stock market timeline.

Here is a comprehensive stock market timeline of how the stock market started in the United States:

1602: The first ever recorded issuing of stocks by the Dutch East India Company. It paid out an 18% dividend and boasted 358 shareholders.

1789: Alexander Hamilton became the first Secretary of Treasure in the United States and would start the US stock exchange by selling government debt on Wall Street.

1817: The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) is formally established.

1869: The first “Black Friday” is created as gold speculators tried to cover the gold market. This resulted in a great panic.

1886: The trading volume for the NYSE reaches 1 million.

1907: In the new century, the stock market timeline again experiences panic with problems threatening to destroy the stock exchange.

1920s: Big spending in the roaring 20s causes people to believe the false security that stocks could no longer go down.

1929: Known as “Black Monday”, the largest single day loss with the stock market falling to 22.6%.

1932: The bottom of the market was not reached until this day: “Black Tuesday”.

1987: The worst 1 day drop in the history of the stock market timeline. Dow Jones lost a total of 22.61% during just one day.

2007: An economic financial crisis hits the U.S. and leads to the failure of many corporations such as General Motors, CountryWide and IndyMac.

2008: The Dow Jones once again experiences the largest one-day price decline in history, falling 777 points.

2009: Mortgage companies start to fail, credit markets freeze up and the stock market lurches.

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