Do You Know: How many companies are listed on the NYSE?

The New York Stock Exchange, located at 11 Wall Street, is the world’s largest stock exchange measured by market capitalization. The directory of companies listed on the NYSE is full of young companies and long-established enterprises alike. As a whole, the total value of all the companies listed on the exchange is at around US$10.1 trillion.

So, how many companies are listed on the NYSE? According to the NYSE official website, there are currently 113 companies in Asia / Pacific, 69 companies from Canada, 52 from Caribbean / Bermuda / Puerto Rico, 155 companies from Europe, 81 from Latin America, 7 companies from the Middle East / Africa, and 2,793 from the United States.

The first company ever traded on the NYSE was the Bank of New York (BK) in 1792. It is still traded today, but has not been continuously listed on the NYSE. The company that has been listed for the longest time continuously on the NYSE is Consolidated Edison Company of New York Inc. (ED), first listed in 1824 as the New York Gas Light Company.

In order for a company to get listed on the NYSE, it must sustain quantitative and financial standards that are applied for all listed companies. If a company cannot follow or comply with these standards, it cannot qualify for listing. If a company is already listed but fails to maintain the standards, they are faced with delisting.

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