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Stock tips today have become a synonym for unwanted advisory forced by Self claimed stock pundits to ruin clients wealth. The mainstay of this thought has its origin in these advices not been based on science and art of Technical analysis or Fundamental analysis. Equity advisory as such, both long and short term is not a dreaded beast. The only challenge is the source it is originating from.

One should inquire into the basis of these calls, being flooded at the investors through all modern means of communications. The sender is most important. Remember the best of the brains are at work in the capital market all over the world. Any assumptions therefore that these intraday tips, intraday calls or stock investment tips are baseless is a myth.

There are serious advisors in Indian stock market and world over, who analyze equity day in and out. They apply all theories, tools and software to come to conclusions. A very in depth analysis is required; therefore it is not everyones cup of tea. It also confirms that why therefore the accuracy is so negligible. But if the client researches and is able to find out advisors who are really advising them based on in-depth studies, one should cling upon such rare breed.

Stock investment tips need to have a sound ground of analysis. One simple way to reject these calls is: if the sender is a broker. A broker can have vested interest in earning brokerages. Beware of brokers acting as stock tipsters. Another group is so called cartels and operators. Never ever even try them.

The best way to choose is to visit the website of concerned source. Follow the website. See how it is updated, what variations and details they have. Is the accuracy report published? Do they tell you how they are doing it and their website backs it. If you are satisfied with the quality after two week of following, then take a plunge. GO IN DETAILS. Usually you are not asked to pay a large sum. And once you feel their calls are giving you returns, stick to them life time. Do not hop around. It PAYS

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