Long-term investment stock tips

Long-term investment stock tips

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1. Need to find a leading company and monopoly-type or market segment share in great company.
2. Industries, developing, or appearing to find a promising turning point in the industry.
3. Find undervalued stocks, but also to know the reason or the stock is undervalued stock price drop. It should be clear: do not underestimate the powerful means to fall in stocks, good stocks generally will not let you set very deep.
4. Because a small amount of money, usually to choose a stock in the long-term intervention. Only in this way will force you to work harder in-depth understanding of all aspects of your intervention stocks. Do not sprinkle a small amount of money to a large number of stocks.
5. To see the company’s fundamentals, the election is the main industry, the company must clear, there is only one main industry, no more than two main business (unless it is capital that can be cross-platform integrated management), more than three main business the company never considered.
6. Examine the target company’s executives and business confidence, the listed companies are generally responsible for investor relations communication with tradable shares, you can choose the form through the Internet or telephone to communicate with the fancy of the company.

Stock Market Today – Stock Quotes | Market Watch | Financial News http://www.stockmarkettoday.cc/

Through the K map and circulating shares of the funds out of the situation to understand the extent of involvement. No retail money and effort on each company site visits and understanding of some of the best funds have been involved in large-scale intervention, or at least top ten tradable shareholders for the Fund and recommended several research institutes with high credibility of the report recommend the stock.
8. The timing of intervention, generally underestimated the rise in the stock will not happen overnight, there will be several waves of test a low, after falling in the 2-3 wave intervention; for the stock at a high level, you can adjust the time of such re-intervention.


StockMarketToday.cc – Stock Quotes | Market Watch | Financial News http://www.stockmarkettoday.cc/

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